News to know: Microsoft; Intel and AMD; Google, Enterprise 2.0

Windows 7, security, Google Apps and the Intel and AMD settlement are among today's headliners.

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily. For continuous updates see BNET’s around-the-Web tech coverage:

Ed Bott: Your top Windows 7 questions, answered

Ryan Naraine: Microsoft bracing for malware attacks from embedd

ed fonts

Scammers trick users to ship stolen goods

Larry Dignan: Intel to pay AMD $1.25 billion as companies end litigation war; Is it a new chip era?

Gallery: Electroplankton (DSiWare)

Sam Diaz: Other governments are "Going Google," too - not just L.A.

Can Google make the Web SPDYer? Maybe, with your help

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft lines up testers for free Office Starter 2010 product

Microsoft readies shared classroom server for 2010 debut

Palm Pixi photos (right)

Joe McKendrick: US defense department IT managers describe latest assault on complex and siloed IT systems

Jennifer Leggio: What the duck? Aflac gets quackin' on Facebook

AP: Disney posts surprise uptick in 4Q net income

Andrew Nusca: Dell Inspiron Zino HD aims for living room, Mac mini; starts $229

Dell launches 5130cdn, world's fastest laser color printer

Eric Schmidt on whether Google is getting evil

Search Engine Land: Would Someone Please Explain To News Corp How Google Works?

Dana Blankenhorn: Broadcom goes open source and hell freezes over

Sam Diaz: Did Microsoft copy Mac OS for Windows 7? Yes ... uh, wait ... no ...

Is Windows 7 a Mac OS X wannabe? That explains why I like it

Janice Chen: New DVDs store digital photos for centuries

Chumby One unboxing -- photos

Dan Kusnetzky: FusionStorm Datacenter Summit

Zack Whittaker: Cloud storage: Impossible to fill?

Kingsley-Hughes: Microsoft Patents Sudo - So Sudo me!

Groklaw: Microsoft Patents Sudo?!!

Unwired View: Apple patents improved digital ink recognition techniques for pen-aware tablet

Engadget: Wistron: Readius-like ereader with pull-out flexible display launching in 2010

Jason O'Grady: Facebook app dev posts scathing indictment of App Store

The role of data governance in the enterprise

Matthew Miller: Shop at the Windows Marketplace for Mobile from your desktop browser

Heather Clancy: A greener way to shovel snow

Harry Fuller: Could be a trend--million Energy Star homes

DSL Reports: Verizon's $1.99 Phantom Fee Returns

Dana Blankenhorn: Watch BPA get taken seriously now

Dow Jones: Qualcomm CEO: AT&T To Launch First Smartbook

Microsoft probing Windows 7 zero-day hole

Amazon Web Services plots Asia rollout

Cloud, consumers give Skype enterprise boost