News to know: Microsoft Mesh; Microhoo; OLPC; Patents; Linked data

Notable headlines:Mary Jo Foley: Ten things to know about Microsoft's Live MeshRyan Stewart: Silverlight and the future core of MicrosoftScreen shots: Microsoft's Live Mesh (right)Images: Hands-on with Live MeshTechmemeLarry Dignan: Yahoo's first quarter good; Not good enough for a higher Microsoft bid; Yang wants more.

Notable headlines:

Mary Jo Foley: Ten things to know about Microsoft's Live Mesh

Larry Dignan: Yahoo's first quarter good; Not good enough for a higher Microsoft bid; Yang wants more. Techmeme

Jason O'Grady: Interview: Alex Wiley, creator of the gold MacBook

Spanning Sync to add Address Book synchronization (updated)

Forbes: Apple Buys Chip Designer

Dana Blankenhorn: The truth about desktops and laptops. OLPC News: Walter Bender Resigned from One Laptop Per Child!!

Christopher Dawson: Trouble at OLPC? That's OK, they started the revolution

eBay sues craigslist; cites dilution

Ryan Stewart: Sprout releases SDK

Techrepublic: Don't overcomplicate small IT projects--manage them with Excel

Paul Miller: Linked Data on the Web, WWW2008

Websense: UN, UK sites compromised by JavaScript injection

Reuters: VMware revenue beats estimates

Images: Watching Earth from space

John Morris: Fujitsu's new all-in-one, updated laptops

Richard Koman: FCC boss: Comcast blocking is widespread

NJ court: IP-related info is private

Phil Wainewright: Microsoft CRM Online: not so sharp. Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft finally takes the beta tag off its Salesforce competitor

David Morgenstern: Is it wise to loosen Entourage's attachment security policy?

Jason Perlow: Centrify's Tom Kemp: Here's the map to avoiding Microsoft's patent minefield Mary Jo Foley: Doing the Microsoft patent math

Ars Technica: DRM sucks redux: Microsoft to nuke MSN Music DRM keys

eWeek: QuickTime Zero-Day Hits Windows XP, Vista

Centrelink CIO: John Wadeson

Roland Piquepaille: A robotic crab to explore the seas

Blankenhorn: How much can Internet-powered consumers demand?

Rik Fairlie: Study finds that 14 percent of U.S. consumers "borrow" free Wi-Fi Google sued over advertising program

Dignan: SportsNetwork CEO: Site back up; A look at the recovery plan

Sony BMG, Nokia merge music subscriptions, devices; Is this the future model?

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Western Digital VelociRaptor hard drive

Photos: NASA's top-10 views of Earth

Joe McKendrick: Whoa, WOA: Are acronyms clouding up the cloud? Dana Gardner: Tidal Software launches intelligent reporting for Enterprise Scheduler

Dion Hinchcliffe: Enterprise 2.0 industry matures as businesses grapple with its potential

VeriChip goes consumer with its implantable RFID chips; Would you buy? Blankenhorn: To chip or not to chip--that is the question

David Morgenstern: Crazy sales video rocks out: 'Gotta get me some' Windows Vista

AT&T first quarter on target; Wireless data access revenue strong; iPhone demand solid

Caroline McCarthy: Linden Lab selects Mark Kingdon as new CEO

Microsoft's Security Intelligence Report looks interesting if yo

u could only download it

Photos: Plastic by the numbers

Christopher Dawson: "Science 2.0" is good for all of us

Andrew Nusca: Play drums? How about in the office -- via USB?

Heather Clancy: An Earth Day Valentine for smart metering technology