News to know: Milan video, gallery; ColdFusion; Apple's flaw count

Notable headlines:Ryan Stewart: New version of ColdFusion aimed at .NET, Ajax crowd.

Notable headlines:

Ryan Stewart: New version of ColdFusion aimed at .NET, Ajax crowd.

Ryan Narain

e: Apple flaw count for 2007: 111 and counting.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Can you build a decent PC on a budget of $500?

Google CEO expects DoubleClick deal to close this year.

CDW goes private for $7.3 billion.

Photos: HP's Chinese media search lab. Photos: The future, someday, from China (right). China preps for cyberwarfare.

Baseline: Why Wesco Doesn't Use ERP. How Secure Are Mid-Market Companies?

Google Earth takes it to the streets. Larry Dignan: Google launches Street View; Be wary. Techmeme. Robin Harris: Why home RAID won't fly.

Review: Final Cut Studio ( v. 2 ) - complete package.

Nokia: Qualcomm row may hurt 3G adoption. Mary Jo Foley: Enough with the 3D maps! What about Windows Live storage? Vista-Windows Mobile 6.0 file-sync fix due in mid-June. There's more than one way to reload Longhorn. Computerworld: Hacking Firefox: The secrets of about:config.

Ryan Naraine: Google buys anti-malware browser virtualization startup. Donna Bogatin: Google vs. Symantec, McAfee? Not exactly.

David Berlind: So far, so good with VMware Workstation 6.

HP strolls down shopping aisle of the future.

Jason O'Grady: The iPod that you can drive over (left). MacLife: Exclusive: A Day in the Life of an Apple Genius.

Russell Shaw: Tool lets suspicious minds stealth record all BlackBerry activity.

Q&A: Cyberattack in Estonia--what it really means. Dana Gardner: Has the long-expected wave of cyber crime/warfare finally appeared? Roland Piquepaille: Debugger aims to fix spreadsheet errors.

Apple 2.0: Microsoft's Zune: Still Shy of 1 Million Sales