News to know: New Blackberry patent; AMD hypocrisy; 8-core Mac Pro; Nokia N95

Notable headlines: Russell Shaw: Major new Blackberry patent.Jason O'Grady: Apple release octo-core Mac Pro.

Notable headlines: 

Russell Shaw: Major new Blackberry patent.

Jason O'Grady: Apple release octo-core Mac Pro. Photos: 8-core Mac Pro (left). George Ou: Apple bursts out. Apple flunks green tech test.

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft cranks up its Open XML standardization campaign. Vista branding is confusing, but is it criminal? Adrian Kingsley-Hughes on Vista branding. New Harris Poll: Vista awareness up, sales not.

George Ou: German researchers put final nail in WEP.

eyes aspiring gearheads with new PC brand.

Matthew Miller: Is the Nokia N95 the ultimate multimedia computer? Unboxing gallery (right).

Ryan Naraine: Mozilla to ship Firefox 'workaround' for .ANI exploit. Windows cursor patch causing trouble.

Techdirt: Verizon Wireless Slowly, Quietly, Backing Away From Misleading Claims Of Unlimited Service.

GigaOm: Marketing in Second Life doesn't is why.

Rewriting ethics rules for the new media

Knowledge@Wharton: The man who would change Microsoft--Ray Ozzie. 

Larry Dignan: The big API gambl

e: When do you borrow vs. build?

David Berlind: Chips ahoy! AMD 'claims' speed title with bogus benchmarks. Gallery (right). AMD responds. George Ou: Strike 3 for AMD hypocrisy on benchmarking.

Two companies (AMD and Intel). Two chips. One code name.

John Spooner: Intel heads out on the highway. Intel plans Centrino Pro for business notebooks. Reuters: Micron says memory prices have stabilized.

Computerworld:  Don't Believe the Hype: The 21 Biggest Technology Flops.

Google makes mashups easy, even for me.

Larry Dignan: Yahoo ambushed by hindsight and armchair CEOs--again.

Donna Bogatin:
Obama trounces Clinton in online campaign money grab.

Russell Shaw: BlackBerry in-flight will take longer than you think. So how many calls could cell-in-air support?

Larry Dignan: Reading the tech tea leaves via Best Buy, Circuit City.

Ars Technica: Hands on with the new Google Desktop for Mac. Techmeme discussion.

Lenovo wants to be household name.

Photos (right): The flying car from Texas.

Outsourcing expert Ron Hira on H-1B reform bill's impact.

Donna Bogatin: Google clients 'frustrated' by unprofitable AdWords buys.

Ryan Stewart: Adobe rolls out a new version of

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes:
Read this before buying an Xbox 360 Elite.

Amazon sees the future:
Humans will be computing gofers.


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