News to know: OLPC; Gmail; Vista

Notable headlines:Garett Rogers: Two new Gmail features in the queue. New version of Gmail being tested.

Notable headlines:

Garett Rogers: Two new Gmail features in the queue. New version of Gmail being tested. Google to take social networking to a new level. Dan Farber: Google forays into the heart of social networking. TechCrunch: Google To “Out Open” Facebook On November 5.

Gallery: Looking back at Windows Screen Saver Easter Eggs.

Larry Dignan: OLPC to offer two-packs to jump start sales. WSJ: Laptop Charity Seeks Help From Home Market. XO Giving Web site.

The XP alternative for Vista PCs. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: The quad-core project - Gaming still better under XP than Vista. Vista SP1 “tries to hide the Ultimate Extras shame.” Long Zheng: The ultimate con.

Ryan Naraine: Microsoft hacker summit tackles security veil of virtualization.

Mary Jo Foley: A new hint about what's coming (and when) in Microsoft Office 14.

Dan Farber: FeedHub brings a layer of intelligence to feeds. Nvidia aims at Intel with integrated graphics chip.

Xerox aims to challenge HP with new color printers. Reuters: Dell to sell computers through China's Gome.

Larry Dignan: GPL will get its day in court. Dana Blankenhorn: Expect a settlement in Monsoon GPL suit. Matthew Miller: T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve supports HotSpot @Home.

Joe McKendrick: Guerrilla SOA leader: inch by inch, it's a cinch.

Photos: Top 10 reviews of the week (right). AppleInsider: Apple drops new Leopard build, may be release candidate. Russell Shaw: Usability tests: iPhone trounces Nokia N95, HTC Touch in all categories except...Jason O'Grady: Some iPhone gift certificate applicants deemed ineligible. Dana Blankenhorn: Tablet PCs improve doctor-patient interaction.

China says it's a cyber-attack victim, not villain.

Roland Piquepaille: Gaming technology helps finding oil.

George Ou: Mini PC cottage industry, is dead at 6. David Berlind: The open source advantage: Firefox's leaky dam gets more fingers, yours could be one.

Dana Gardner: Developing enterprise applications for mobile devices remains way too hard.

Photos: Furnishing the green house. Paula Rooney: openSUSE 10.3 RC1 Debuts Google reportedly in talks to lay undersea cable.

Microsoft leaks its own search plans.

Harry Fuller: Male extinction: is this good news for the planet?