News to know: Palm, Oracle, Google, Mac sales and iPhone Nano

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily:Sam Diaz: Palm's CES news.

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily:

Sam Diaz: Palm's CES news. Just in time or too late?

Larry Dignan: Oracle's second quarter: A mixed bag, cost cuts likely

Richard Koman: Google turns on net neutrality (not!)

Jason D. O'Grady: U.S. Mac sales down 1%

Sam Diaz: Yahoo Mail starts transition to social platform

Major Web browsers fail password protection testsRyan Naraine: Firefox tops list of 12 most vulnerable apps

Adam O'Donnell: IE 7 users: stop looking at porn now!Larry Dignan:  Enterprise software: A tour of the year ahead

Jason Hiner: 10 most influential biztech leaders of 2008

Dancho Danchev: Four XSS flaws hit Facebook

Adam O'Donnell: Has Lessig ’softened’ on net neutrality?

Richard Koman: McCain campaign auctions BlackBerries — complete with phone numbers!

Matthew Miller: Is Palm’s upcoming New-ness CES event related to the Nova OS?

David Morgenstern: Apple releases Mac OS X, Safari updates

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: AMD’s new dual-core Athlon processors

Garett Rogers: Chrome currently beating IE8 Beta in market share

Dana Blankenhorn: Can open source save gaming companies?

Dennis Howlett: Is Wordpress 2.7 a metaphor for enterprise agile?

Harry Fuller: Good for the planet, and good for your body

Heather Clancy: Rackable adopts new leasing program for data center projects

Ed Burnette: Buy a Dell, get a Wii

Roland Piquepaille: Feeding the world at lower costs

Paul Murphy: In Skins vs Believers: Linux always loses

Dan Kusnetzky: Vkernel Capacity Analyzer 3.0 - shining light into hidden corners

Joe McKendrick: Will large 'cloud combines' soon be serving our enterprise needs?

Zack Whittaker: Don’t F: with our networks

Sean Portnoy: Holiday Gift Guide 2008: Wireless routers

David Greenfield: Three Ways IT Can Become a Baby Bell

Jennifer Leggio: Brands need ‘active’ blogging; sponsored posts could be the key

Joe Brockmeier: More on FSF vs. Cisco

Christopher Dawson: 5 days without electricity

Dana Blankenhorn: Do you have to be fat?

Janice Chen: The best high-end compact camera: Canon G10 vs. Panasonic Lumix LX3


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