News to know: RIM, YouTube, Net plan, iPhone

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily:Sam Diaz: RIM announces all-cash acquisition, takeover bidAndrew Nusca: Need $100K?

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily:

Sam Diaz: RIM announces all-cash acquisition, takeover bid

Andrew Nusca: Need $100K? Make videos for YouTube

Richard Koman: White House hates Martin's free Net plan

Matthew Miller: Pastebud brings limited copy and paste to the Apple iPhone

Larry Dignan: Lenovo confirms window shopping for acquisitions

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft walks the downturn-messaging tightrope

Tom Steinert-Threlkeld: This Recession, The Internet Is More Important Than TV

Joe McKendrick: SOA's support network

Janice Chen: It’s official: Polaroid will stop manufacturing instant film at end of year

Harry Fuller: This is a Corker: Detroit's Shrinking Three may get help from feds

Joe Brockmeier: Free Software Foundation sues Cisco

Zack Whittaker:Windows Server 2008: power to the workstation

Sam Diaz: Bopaboo may feel like eBay but will end up looking like original Napster.

Steve O'Hear: Goodbye ZDNet

Andrew Nusca: Apple's 3D OS X interface unveiled

Christopher Dawson: 100% CPU utilization

Zack Whittaker: E-petitions give e-voices for e-democracy and e-revolution

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Windows 7 build 6956 vs. Windows XP SP3

Roland Piqupaille: Energy from the wind is the best for Earth

Sam Diaz: Chrome loses beta label, tackles privacy

Richard Koman: British support 70-year copyright terms

Jason Perlow: Policing Holiday Light Violations

Dana Blankenhorn: Clinical data, billing data and open standards

Michael Krigsman: Study: 68 percent of IT projects fail

Dana Blankehorn: Why should doctors pay for health IT?

Andrew Nusca: Comcast to debut 50Mbps Internet in Chicago, Baltimore, Atlanta (updated)

Richard Koman: Sony collected, shared kids' info; FTC sues

Larry Dignan: Microsoft: The top 5 risks; Will it cut 2009 outlook as PC market stumbles?

Andrew Mager: Wordpress 2.7 released; jazzy like Coltrane

Dana Blankenhorn: Open source in a closed market

Paula Rooney: Sun upgrades OpenSolaris, signs OEM deal with Toshiba

Robin Harris: The many-core performance wall

Dana Blankenhorn: Does it matter if Cisco is a leech?

Mary Jo Foley: Attention Microsoft Digital Locker users

Larry Dignan: The 10 best IT certifications

Christopher Dawson: US gains in math and science ed...Really?

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Monster NVIDIA GTX 295 caught on camera

Dan Kusnetzky: Conversation with Juergen Geck of Open-Xchange

Paula Rooney: HP, Novell partner on new Linux PC that ships Dec 15

Heather Clancy: Green-certified battery available for HP consumer notebooks in early 2009