News to know: Skype; reCAPTCHA; Oracle Q1; Zune HD; Bing

Here are today's notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily.

Here are today's notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily. For continuous updates see BNET's around-the-Web tech coverage.

Sam Diaz: Report: Skype founders sue eBay; could complicate Skype sale

Andrew Mager: Google buys reCAPTCHA: Digitize old books and fight spam

Sam Diaz: Oracle's Q1: "We grew faster than SAP"

Matthew Miller: Hands on: 32GB Zune HD walk around and first impressions

Sam Diaz: Bing usage jumps 22 percent, now at 10 percent share

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft launches a 'private cloud' blog

Sam Diaz: Washington finally embraces tech; the benefits will be here soon

Zack Whittaker: Could Internet filtering cause more harm than good?

Matthew Miller: Opera Mini 5 beta released for BlackBerry and Java phones

Brian Sommer: Interview with Microsoft's Seth Patton

Dancho Danchev: Phishers introduce 'Chat-in-the-Middle' fraud tactic

Jason Perlow: Skooba Design backpack sweeps you through security

Harry Fuller: GridWeek--this is not about football

ZDNet UK: Intel to help with Chrome for netbooks

Larry Dignan: The Adobe-Omniture deal: Does it make sense?

Andrew Nusca: VIA unveils SurfBoard NetNote netbook with 1080p playback

CNET: New scam adds live chat to phishing attack

Harry Fuller: Current EPA regime to revisit previous smog rulings

Andrew Nusca: Sony A-series Walkman is thinnest yet; 64GB, OLED, noise cancellation

Dana Gardner: Jericho Forum aims to guide enterprises through risk mitigation landscape for cloud adoption

Brian Sommer: Microsoft's Project 2010

Jennifer Bergen: Are you suffering from BlackBerry Tour trackball problems?

Sam Diaz: Facebook ranks in privacy poll; Users like control of their content

Tom Foremski: Staff are causing security breaches by using their own mobile phones says survey

Jennifer Leggio: IDC forecasts $1.6 billion online community software market by 2013

Andrew Nusca: Tweet: Google to buy Brightcove for $500 to $700 million

Jennifer Leggio: Eight top picks from TechCrunch50

Dana Blankenhorn: Max Baucus' bet on John Castellani

Matthew Miller: Celio announces REDFLY driver for BlackBerry coming soon

Joe McKendrick: First there was WS-*, now we have REST-*

Jason D. O'Grady: Time to ditch the optical drive, once and for all

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft confirms notification of EU about its Yahoo search deal

Richard Koman: EU, US looking at MSFT-YHOO search deal: Is competition for GOOG anticompetitive?

Michael Krigsman: Social CRM reality check

Jennifer Bergen: Gadget Gal's daily deals: Philips universal remote, Logitech keyboard, Kodak EasyShare digital camera

Andrew Nusca: Seagate debuts first consumer NAS with FreeAgent DockStar

ZDNet UK: ARM targets Intel with 2GHz multicore chips

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft starts warning of support phase-out for older Windows Server releases

ZDNet Asia: Web 2.0 sites - prime target for attacks, report

Larry Dignan: HP bolsters networking lineup

Dana Blankenhorn: If you liked Microsoft CodePlex you will love MySpace FoxForge

Phil Wainewright: Adobe ties web design to business results

Dana Blankenhorn: ClarkConnect becomes ClearOS

Heather Clancy: IBM opens up systems framework for energy companies

Sean Portnoy: Seagate tries to stay relevant in living rooms with FreeAgent Theater+ HD media player

Dan Kusnetzky: Citrix adds virtual machine delivery to XenApp's bag of tricks

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Is browser speed now an irrelevant metric? No!

Dan Kusnetzky: Web conferencing blues

Christopher Dawson: Will online education kill the university?

TR Dojo: Disable AutoRun on Windows XP and Vista with a quick registry hack