News to know: 'Spam king' dead; Microsoft's cloud; Dell;

Notable headlines:Ryan Naraine: Escapee 'Spam King' dead in apparent murder-suicideCBS Denver Video: 'Spam King' Inmate Dies Along With Wife, DaughterMary Jo Foley: Ozzie foreshadows 'Zurich,' Microsoft's elastic cloudMicrosoft to get more 'Apple-like' in PC, phone spaceVista: Whose ‘reality’ do you believe?

Notable headlines:

Ryan Naraine: Escapee 'Spam King' dead in apparent murder-suicide

Mary Jo Foley: Ozzie foreshadows 'Zurich,' Microsoft's elastic cloud

Juniper: Enterprise demand strong; Johnson hired to scale up

Deb Perelman: 10 things your IT project manager never wants to hear

John Morris: Intel launches new chip for consumer electronics

TechCrunch:  AOL To Shutter A Slew Of Products, EVP Kevin Conroy's Future Uncertain

Ryan Naraine: Apple looking to hire iPhone hacker

Tom Steinert-Threlkeld: Google's $10M, no, $100M Android Challenge

TechRepublic: Dell launches high performance 2U desktop that lives in the data center

Paul Murphy: From Chapter one: Data Processing and the IBM MainframeInfinite Loop: iPhone Developers scratch heads at new Stanford CS offering (Updated)

Matthew Miller: Samsung INNOV8 S60 mobile device with 8 megapixel camera revealed

Photos: Pushing cars from pump to plug

Phil Wainewright: How SlideRocket plans to make money

Dana Blankenhorn: Ingres gives Fortify security study a good fisking

TechCrunch: Zimbra Releases Version 3 Of Open Source Email Client, And It's Awesome

NYT: Apple's MobileMess

Robin Harris: Apple's coming notebook transition

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: We wanna be more like Apple - Microsoft and Ubuntu get ready to fire up the photocopiers!

Garett Rogers: Google creates a new market and wreaks havoc on another

Will industry react to new cell phone cancer scare?

Jason Perlow: 2016: 'You're watching the Linux Channel'

Heather Clancy: The little wind turbines that could

Zack Whittaker: Students: the broadband troubleshooter

John Carroll: Government, markets and regulation

Richard Koman: Childs rigged crazyquilt private network

Roland Piquepaille: NASA used cadavers to test Orion moonship

Andrew Nusca: World's fastest Blu-ray recorder outruns Blu-ray media?

Ed Burnette: Google + Digg = ?

Qualcomm, Nokia deal ends long legal battle