News to know: Sun thinks different; Yahoo preps Panama; Office through the ages

Notable headlines: Tech earnings galore:SAP sees 2007 margin down, growth outlook unclear. Sun starts to think different; plants private equity seed.

Notable headlines: 

Tech earnings galore:

SAP sees 2007 margin down, growth outlook unclear

Sun starts to think different; plants private equity seed. Sun raises $700 million but won't say why. Will private equity funds gobble up tech?

Yahoo: Panama launches Feb. 5. Yahoo profit drops but beats Street estimates. Guidance light. Yahoo! Q4 2006 Earnings Call Transcript.

AMD Reports 4Q Loss on Acquisition Costs. AMD: Go to 'Barcelona' over 'Clovertown.'

Citrix 4Q Profit Slips

Seagate Tech Guides Up.

Hyperion Hammers Estimates.

EMC earnings call transcript. VMWare 1, server vendors 0. VMWare may be fueling EMC’s growth, but for how long?
Photo gallery: Microsoft Office, then and now.

Apple plugs zero-day QuickTime flaw.

Microsoft releases version 1.0 of its Ajax framework.

Rewriting Vista history. Behind Wal-Mart’s support of Microsoft-Novell’s deal. Microsoft clarifies Windows Vista content protection measures.

Music industry divided over digital future.

The strategy for Flex 3. Interview with Mike Downey, Sr. Product Manager for Apollo

Larry Rosen takes the Internet Engineering Task Force to task over patent policy

A New Push to Put a PC in the Kitchen.

Guest Blogger Interview: John Fox of GroupSmarts.

MindTouch Unveils Wiki Virtual Appliance.

Report: Google Doesn’t Renew, Site Goes Down.

Apple: Will corporate miscues bruise its image?

Photos: Germany's Leibniz supercomputer

Feds: Details of ISP snooping haven't been decided.

Microsoft goes global with antivirus tool update.

FAQ: Sheltering your systems from the Storm Worm. 

IBM's answer to medical mashup: A search engine.

Business apps giant SAP gets Web 2.0 bug.

Performancing Partners to close.

A Peek Inside DARPA.

New Google Groups comes out of beta.

Rumors of the T-Mobile AMEO 8GB Windows Mobile Phone Edition emerge.