News to know: Ubuntu; Microhoo; IT scapegoats; XP; Google

Notable headlines:Larry Dignan: Microsoft: Pondering the alternatives to YahooMicrosoft should walk away from YahooWSJ: Ballmer's big choiceAdrian Kingsley-Hughes: Adventures with Ubuntu 8.04Gallery: A peek at Ubuntu 8.

Notable headlines:

Larry Dignan: Microsoft: Pondering the alternatives to Yahoo

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Adventures with Ubuntu 8.04

Robin Harris: Toshiba making *another* bad storage bet

Michael Krigsman: 8 tips to avoid being an IT scapegoat

AMD launches ‘business class’ Phenom, Athlon chips

John Morris: HP, Lenovo join Dell in extending Windows XP

Kingsley-Hughes: Can you see yourself running Windows XP in 2014?

NYT: A Google Prototype for a Precision Image Search

Charles Cooper: Twitter gets another round of funding

TechRepublic: Using Second Life for decision support

Mary Jo Foley: BizTalk Server for Windows Server 2008 not till 2009

Garett Rogers: Google Docs gets some new features, templates will come soon

AP: US targets China, Russia, 7 other nations on copyrights

Nate McFeters: More URI handler issues to come

TUAW: Rumors: Apple working on iTunes controller for iPhone

Vonage refinances debt; Off of deathwatch

Dana Blankenhorn: Genetic non-discrimination bill will finally become law

Opera's latest browser beta worth the download. Gallery

Video: Mozilla goes mobile

Matthew Miller: Is the Amazon Kindle a low cost entertainment option?

Phil Wainewright: How PaaS pulls software pricing down

Dana Gardner: HP's security management model brings comprehensive approach to corporate risk reduction

MSRC: Questions about Web Server Attacks

Computerworld: Researcher finds new way to hack Oracle database

Heather Clancy: Leading with LED

Roland Piquepaille: Insects using plants as phones

David Morgenstern: Apple's PA Semi buyout: A defensive move?

Harry Fuller: One constant in the Earth's climate: change

Joe McKendrick: 'WOA: the SOA that works'

EIC podcast: Microhoo, Vista; Macs; Web 2.0 Expo

Photos: Top 10 reviews of the week

Richard Koman: Mexican officials nabs BlackBerries

Spin patrol: Curious timing on AOL's 'we're growing like gangbusters' announcement

John Carroll: Noble goals and politics at the OLPC