News to know: Virtual PC examined; Oracle joins Eclipse; New Google Desktop

Notable headlines:Microsoft Office finds its voice.Ryan Naraine: Hacker builds tracking system to nab Tor pedophiles.

Notable headlines:

Microsoft Office finds its voice.

Ryan Naraine: Hacker builds tracking system to nab Tor pedophiles.

David Berlind's Virtual PC Review: Microsoft’s Virtual PC 2007 in action.

Gallery 1: Virtual PC's installation sequence.

Gallery 2: Virtual PC user interface (right).

Ed Burnette: Oracle commits to Eclipse persistence project, joins board of directors.

Garett Rogers: Google Desktop version 5 released. Google announcement.

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft Research shows off what’s next for search. Outsiders get first peek at Microsoft's TechFest.

Larry Dignan: Can Sourcefire monetize Snort?

New iTunes version still not fully Vista-ready.

Adobe's future:

Dana Gardner: Oracle cozies up to Spring developers by making EJB runtime open source under Eclipse.

Mary Jo Foley: Vista-compatible Visual Studio refresh ships. Microsoft responds to DOT ban on Vista, Office 2007.

InformationWeek: Forrester Report Claims R&D Studies Are Biased.

BusinessWeek: Last days of Internet radio?

Reuters: Yahoo to run on millions of Windows Mobile phones.

Computerworld: A Zettabyte by 2010: Corporate data grows 50-fold in three years.

The Consumerist:
8 Confessions Of A Former Verizon Sales Rep.

Photos: Take a wild ride to the Geneva Auto Show (right).

Pro-G: Commodore returns with new gaming PCs.

AP: Yahoo Sees Smooth Sailing for Panama.

Google vs. Microsoft: 

Study: Identity theft keeps climbing.

Read/Write Web: Segala Wants To Be The VeriSign Of Web Trust.

Matthew Miller: Details emerge that the Vulcan FlipStart is actually a real device.

Microsoft's rocky road to Mac Office 97.

Computerworld: How dangerous is Skype?

AP: TiVo, EarthLink
Team on TV, Net Services.


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