News to know: Vista in your living room; Microsoft ditches anti-Linux site; SAP

Notable headlines:Ed Bott: Vista Media Center takes over the living room. Gallery (right): Using Windows Vista as a home theater hub.

Notable headlines:

Ed Bott: Vista Media Center takes over the living room. Gallery (right): Using Windows Vista as a home theater hub. David Berlind's Tech Shakedown #6: Could Kodak site's Vista incompatibilities be a sign of something else?

Dan Farber: SAP's cautious Web 2.0 imagineering. Dennis Howlett: SAPs 429 page lecture: who's learning what?

Mary Jo Foley: A hasty move to Google Apps a 'career-limiting move.' MS-ManiC: Microsoft steps up its multicore work.

Microsoft kills its 'Get the Facts' anti-Linux site.

Nikon enlists new cameras in battle vs. Canon.
Gallery (right)

Ryan Naraine: Mac users waiting months for 'critical' Java runtime update

TechCrunch: Could The GPhone Be Nigh?

Russell Shaw: Unified communications vs. end user: enterprise IP battle lines are drawn

Paul Murphy: The UltraSPARC T2 and file security Nokia: Matsushita Battery to cover the direct costs related to the advisory.

Michael Krigsman: Boeing virtual fence: $30 billion failure.

Matthew Miller: Ed Colligan: We have only just begun to fight! Palm: Thanks Engadget.

David Berlind: Pictures from Phase 2 construction of our poor-man's video studio.

Henry Blodget: Mary Meeker's YouTube math.

Larry Dignan: Sun: We’re a Java company, just ask our ticker Ed Burnette: Sun changes stock ticker to JAVA

George Ou: Can owning a Wi-Fi Skype phone land you in jail?

Larry Dignan: Palm Foleo delayed: Anyone notice? Valleywag: Has Craig Newmark quit Craigslist?

Can small business count on VoIP? Call centers put accent on speech recognition

PC World: Monster shuts down rogue server. Monster statement.

iRobot's Angle on the future: More profit Teen wonders if we'll leave an 'IT wasteland'

Using eyes and hands for Web surfing

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: MTV punishes Microsoft for abandoning PlaysForSure

Photos: Russian air show aims high

Dana Blankenhorn: How much do open source license terms matter? When do you drop your closed source vendor?

Mary Jo Foley: A (Microsoft) Code Name a Day: Milan