News to know: Vista revs; Flash drive performance; Apple's big quarter

Notable headlines:The big marketing lie on flash drive performance.Vista starts to ramp up:Would you (legally) download Vista?

Notable headlines:

The big marketing lie on flash drive performance.

Vista starts to ramp up:

Would you (legally) download Vista?

Microsoft tries to spread Vista far and wide.

Security tools ready for Vista launch

Back to basics: Why Flex is the best option out there.

Second Life: RL meets SL in Silicon Alley.

U.S. financial transactions database delayed. Attorney general: NSA spy program to be reformed.

Tech earnings:

Apple ships 21 million iPods; nets $1 billion; outlook soft. Apple shatters earnings records: $1B in Q1. Techmeme discussion. Upgrades Fail to Lift Apple.

Apple's earnings call transcript.

Logitech Says 3Q Profit Rose 32 Percent.

Motorola investors want new profit strategy.

Big Blue Should Keep Rollin'.

Wipro earnings call transcript.

Outlook Dents Lam Research.

Sun speeds Niagara servers

Can this merger be consummated? Dual Sprint-Nextel phones are a start but more needs to be done.

Online Office Suites: The Winner Is Clear.

T.J. Maxx parent says customer data stolen.

Blog traffic soars on newspaper sites.

Not Gillmor Gang had some good moments, but not yet the same old song and dance.

Are Microsoft’s online advertising tools enough to trump Google?

Google AdSense updates their policies for January 2007.

Google opens up to outside contributors.

Google cooperates by removing sensitive imagery.

What are students really losing without technology?

My MacBook Pro Experience - Day 7. What’s so smart about the iPhone?