News to know: Windows 7, Net Neutrality, Nokia-Apple; Kindle

Here are today's notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily.

Here are today's notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily. For continuous updates see BNET's around-the-Web tech coverage.

Windows 7 Coverage

Andrew Nusca: Liveblog: Microsoft CEO Ballmer kicks off Windows 7 availability

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Buy Windows 7, download now!

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft to ease Windows 7 upgrades to netbooks with USB key solution

Andrew Nusca: Windows 7 killer deals commence; 7 days of PC specials, $30 OS upgrade

Sam Diaz: FCC unanimously approves next steps toward Net Neutrality

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Nokia sues Apple over iPhone

Mary Jo Foley: Amazon to release Kindle reader for Windows PCs in November

Larry Dignan: AT&T cuts churn rate; Activates 3.2 million iPhones; Touts network upgrades

Andrew Nusca: Motorola Droid official specifications leaked: 16:9 touchscreen, DVD-quality video, 0.5" thick

Oliver Marks: Jigsaw Pieces Can Be More Agile Than Platforms

Harry Fuller: Americans are impatient with global warming

Christopher Dawson: If teens are confused by Twitter, what's the right SocMed tool in school?

Tom Foremski: Print and online ad revenues plunge at New York Times Co.

James Farrar: KFC UNThinking at the UN

Sean Portnoy: New Roku XR will add 802.11n Wi-Fi upgrade to cheap media streamer

Jason Perlow: Windows 7's latest fan: Linus Torvalds

Andrew Mager: Foursquare partners with Bay Area Rapid Transit

Andrew Nusca: Apple ad swings at Windows 7: 'Trust me, this time it's going to be different'

Harry Fuller: Can anybody here play this game?

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: ATI releases Catalyst 9.10 drivers

Brian Sommer: Sustainability: Hard for business, harder for ERP vendors

Dana Blankenhorn: Did Stallman fisk himself?

Ryan Naraine: Metasploit + Rapid7 shakes up pen-test landscape

Larry Dignan: Google's Schmidt: Mimicking Office completely not 'a good use of our time'

Brian Sommer: CEO Interview: Meridian Systems' John Bodrozic on the construction front

RightNow Technologies CIO talks datacenters, ERP and Windows 7

Andrew Nusca: Dell Adamo XPS heat-sensing latch in action; is it worth it?

Sam Diaz: Intel's Otellini: Strong second half; recovery coming in 2010

Ryan Naraine: Gaping security hole in Time Warner cable routers

Jason D. O'Grady: More Apple teardowns: Fall 2009 iMac & Magic Mouse

Dennis Howlett: SAP and Siemens: kiss and make up?

Tom Foremski: PubMatic helps online publishers make money

Phil Wainewright: wants to be the Switzerland of data

Forrester: A Forrester interview with Steve Ballmer about the SharePoint Business

Dana Blankenhorn: Corporate health reform comes to our house

Larry Dignan: How to know when to send your email to the cloud

Heather Clancy: EPA creates new resource for green-tech home retrofits

Dana Blankenhorn: Metasploit finds another way to go commercial

CNET: Microsoft to fix Bing spam bug

Rachel King: Dell Inspiron One 19 debuts in Japan

Larry Dignan: EMC: Customers have 'more comfort' about IT budgets

Dan Kusnetzky: Carry on blues and the blame game

Harry Fuller: Global warming promises more hunger, more innovation

Sam Diaz: Boomi issues Dream Widget challenge ahead of Dreamforce show

Larry Dignan: CIO Sessions: Verizon Telecom's Shadman Zafar on Internet TV

U.S. CTO: Health care needs better billing systems