NFL's Eagles claim largest solar power system in Philadelphia

By the end of the year, the Eagles will play in one of the greenest stadiums in the NFL.

Football season may be over, but the activity at the Eagles’ Lincoln Financial Field is just beginning.

The NFL team will soon score one of the greenest stadiums in the league as the Eagles plan to install over 11,000 solar panels and 14 micro wind-turbines on their home turf. The new gear is expected to generate six times the power used during typical Eagles home games.

The Eagles had similar plans for a green stadium back in 2010 when they announced a $30 million joint venture SolarBlue but the initiative fell through after the project was deemed unfeasible. The current installation will be executed with the help of the Eagles’ new sponsor, NRG Energy, and should near completion in late December.

TreeHugger reports:

Under the Eagles’ partnership with NRG, Lincoln Financial Field will feature solar panels along 11th Street and its south facade, and micro wind turbines along the top of the stadium on the north and south sides, which will provide for the majority of the power used by the field on an annual basis. The solar power system included in the deal, when complete, is expected to become both the largest in both the NFL and in the Philadelphia area.

The team’s plan is part of a larger effort to make powerhouse stadiums in all sports more energy efficient. As TreeHugger mentions, the Washington Redskins already use a 2-megawatt-capacity solar power system on their field and patrons at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City can now buy solar-cooled beer.

Building greener stadiums is a win-win for those in charge of professional sports teams. Managers can save significantly by cutting energy and waste while also using their newfound greenness to attract new partners and sponsors.

“I’m not going to try and convince you that it’s all about altruism,” Jason Pearl, the San Francisco Giants’ Managing Vice President of Corporate Sponsorship, told Forbes after their stadium upped sustainability practices in 2010. “This is clearly very beneficial to our bottom line."

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