NH representative caught on YouTube in rapid speech

The congressman whose staffer was making fake posts on liberal blogs is now caught on YouTube making racist comments.

Rep. Charlie Bass of New Hampshire found himself in hot water a few weeks ago when his No.2 staffer resigned amid revelations that he had done some covert blogging. Tad Furtado had been pretending to be a Democratic reader of a number of New Hampshire blogs while posting comments in support of his boss, Republican Bass.

Now one of those bloggers, Mike Caulfield, who runs NH-02, has posted a link to a YouTube video that shows Bass making some rather impolitic statements.

Calls Bernie Sanders "Hugo Chavez", and says his supporters should go "back to taxi driving in the Bronx" where they "came from". Downplays Foley scandal. Foley made "a mistake".

The story was picked up by the widely read Daily Kos. Bass opponents are sure this is the Representative's "macaca" moment, a reference to Sen. George Allen's big gaffe that wound up being played on YouTube again and again. But Allen was a prospective presidential candidate. It's not clear whether the national media will care about this one, although they generally seem enamored of any political story with a YouTube link.