NHS probing eBay fraud claims

15 paramedics have been implicated in the theft of NHS equipment which turned up on eBay

The NHS is investigating reports of paramedics selling stolen medical equipment on eBay.

Defibrillators, uniforms and neck braces are among the items that were found on the Internet auction site by the NHS Counter Fraud and Security Management Service (CFSMS).

Eight paramedics are still being investigated for their role in the thefts, while seven others have already been dealt with, the CFSMS said. Six of the seven resulted in police cautions and disciplinary action at work, while one paramedic from the Sussex Ambulance Service was sentenced to 100 hours community service last year.

Michael Crockford, who later resigned, stole items such as resuscitation packs, neck collars and pocket masks and sold them through eBay.

A spokesman for the CFSMS said: "Any theft is a menace to the NHS but the danger of activity such as this is obvious. Agreements have been reached with eBay to share account information of those involved in any allegation and we are working on preventative techniques to stop these thefts occurring in the first place."