NICTA sells cloud data protection firm to Unitrends

Unitrends has bought NICTA's cloud technology firm, Yuruware, for its patent-protected technology to give its customers data protection flexibility.

NICTA-owned disaster recovery and migration tools provider for Amazon Web Services, OpenStack, and other public clouds, Yuruware, has been bought out by US-based data protection and disaster recovery company, Unitrends, for an undisclosed amount.

Unitrends chief strategy and technology officer Mark Campbell said the acquisition will extend Unitrends' core backup and disaster recovery offerings to third-party public clouds such as AWS, OpenStack, and Microsoft Azure.

"Our mission is to adapt data protection to our customers' environments rather than force customers to conform to our offerings," he said.

"Yuruware's patented intellectual property, which enables us to offer customers the ultimate flexibility in data protection, is the latest example of our unwavering commitment to this philosophy."

NICTA CEO Hugh Durrant-Whyte said Unitrends' acquisition of Yuruware is an investment in Australian talent.

"Developed over the past four years, this patent-protected technology connects different clouds and is a huge growth area for Australian businesses," he said.

"The combination of NICTA's research and development expertise and Unitrends' 25 years of experience in the data protection industry is a perfect match."

It was announced in this year's federal budget that NICTA's funding by the federal government will cease in mid-2016 , leaving the research body to seek full private funding to survive.

"It was always expected that funding from the private sector would play an increasingly important role in supporting NICTA's operations," said Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull said at the time.

"NICTA's rapid growth in commercial revenue, through its partnerships with domestic and overseas firms, shows it can draw funding from a wider range of sources."

This week telco giant Telstra announced it would be stepping in to fund part of NICTA's research over the next five years. The amount of money Telstra will invest will vary depending on the project, and NICTA, which has been known to spin-off projects into new companies in the past.

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