Nielsen: Nearly two days a month are spent using apps on tablets, phones

Add up all those little chunks of time you spend in a phone or tablet app and it now approaches two full days. That's almost double what it was just two years ago.

You can't really be spending 37 hours and 28 minutes a month using apps on your phone and tablet, can you? According to mobile app statistics from -- what else -- a mobile tracking app, you likely are, on average.

The app usage figure comes from Nielsen's Mobile NetView 3.0 software, an opt-in app, with data collected in the fourth quarter from approximately 5,000 iOS and Android handsets owned by people aged 18 and up.


The average device user, according to the data, is approaching two full days a month of mobile app use.

That's up from 23 hours and 2 minutes a month in a similar study during the final three months of 2012 and 30 hours, 15 minutes at the end of of 2013.

The number of apps people use in a given month hasn't really changed much in the past two year, even though the number of available apps has grown dramatically. You can now choose from more than a million apps, regardless of whether you use iOS or Android.

Everyone who can code a mobile app seems to be doing to so and while we're all installing more software -- there have been 100 billion cumulative iOS downloads since 2008 -- it seems like we're collectively relying on a core set of just more than two dozen or so.

Entertainment apps are a large part of that core set but what sub-category is taking up the most time?

You might think video apps, considering movies and the like can be lengthy. Nope.

Mobile video software is actually the third most used app category.

Gaming takes the top spot with an average of 10 hours and two minutes of monthly use. Music comes in second and far behind: The average user in the Neilsen study listens to tunes for two hours and 37 minutes. Perhaps that will get a boost with Apple Music and it's disruptively priced family plan.