Nielsen: U. S. buyers increasingly going Android

Smartphone buyers in the U. S. are turning to Android in increasing numbers, according to the latest survey by Nielsen.

Survey masters at Nielsen have published a smartphone survey this week and it clearly demonstrates that recent buyers are turning to Android in increasing numbers. This may be the lull before the iPhone 5 storm hits, but it clearly shows that Android is still growing at a tremendous rate.

The survey showed that 43 percent of all smartphone owners have an Android device, but when only buyers of phones the last three months are considered that jumps to 56 percent. That shows that the most recent buyers are going Android in greater numbers which is an indicator of where the market is heading.

Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 5 (or whatever it will officially be called) soon, so as usually happens some buyers are holding off for the next big phone from Cupertino. This may push some buyers to Android, but most of them are likely holding off entirely waiting for the iPhone.

However you slice the numbers Android is not slowing down but continuing to grow. It is so big it is like a giant snowball rolling down a steep hill. It just can't be stopped at this point.