Nielsen: U.S., European tablet owners buying more digital content

Americans are actually the most likely tablet owners to pay for all categories of media content -- except for one: news.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor on

American and European tablet owners are more willing to pay for digital content than you might expect.

According to a new report from Nielsen Wire, Americans are actually the most likely to pay for all categories of media content -- except for one: news. Only 19 percent of American tablet owners pay for news, compared to Italy where nearly half of tablet owners will pay for news content.

Nevertheless, most American tablet owners are willing to pay for the written word in other forms, especially e-books and magazines. At least a quarter of American tablet owners might also be paying for news in another way with streaming radio subscriptions.

Within Europe, Italy proved to have the most tablet owners willing to shell out more money to fill their tablet computers with digital content overall.

Based on the findings, it looks like Italians are more interested in using their tablets for reading over anything else. After news, the next category where Italians were most likely to pay for content was books, with more than a quarter of Italian tablet owners buying e-books.

Nielsen reps posited that the takeaway point here is that even with a vast amount of free digital content available (i.e. streaming movies and music), tablet owners aren’t against paying for the media they really want.

Image via Nielsen Wire


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