Nighthawk radio printers fly through the airwaves

Essex-based printing innovator Nighthawk Electronics is debuting a printer-sharing technology which uses high frequency radio waves.

The GoPrint parallel port adapter connection is as fast as a direct connection and faster than a network, said the firm. It allows any number of PCs to share up to six printers which can transfer data through concrete and steel walls at rates of up to 1Mb/sec.

GoPrint uses a frequency which is high enough for FM/AM radios, cell phones and computers not to interfere with the signal, said the firm. GoPrint's range is 50 metres indoors and 150 metres unobstructed.

"GoPrint is more reliable than cables because it uses frequency shift technology," said Stuart Donaldson, Nighthawk's marketing manager. "Cables can be intercepted easily, but here, the frequency shifts around within a wide-band spectrum, which is good for banks."

Donaldson added that GoPrint recently gained UK radio approval and has won interest from a range of customers from architects working on listed buildings to banks who require secure data transfer.

GoPrint is available now and costs £160 + VAT for a printer adapter, £145 + VAT for a PC adapter or £285 + VAT for a starter pack including both adapters.

Nighthawk can be contacted by telephone on 01799-540881.