Nimble addresses the social media-to-CRM disconnect

Nimble integrates social network interactions and leads from digital marketing campaigns into its CRM platform.

Developer Nimble has released an update to its CRM software for small businesses that more closely integrates the software with social networks and social media tools. That's a big deal, as you know, because right now, it takes a lot of separate focus to nurture relationships in both places.

Nimble 2.0 makes it simpler for companies to consolidate social interactions that occur outside of the application. For example, it unifies notifications and alerts that your organization has set up within LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. (See the screenshot below.)

So, you don't miss your customer's birthday or a job change for a key business contact. The updated software also is integrated with HubSpot, the social marketing platform, so leads that are generated through marketing activities can be more easily incorporated with the tools that your sales team already is using.

Here's some insight about this integration from Carter Lusher, a research fellow with market research firm Ovum:

"Social media is rapidly moving from a form of communications that could be monitored by marketers and PR to one where it has to be tightly integrated into all aspects of customer relationship management in a manner similar to telephony and email. Established CRM vendors are rushing to 'bolt on' social media integration onto existing products, which is necessary but not sufficient."

Another reason to care about Nimble's technology: the company behind the software is run by Jon Ferrara, who was the founder of the GoldMine contact management product. The company has about 30,000 users across more than 2,800 companies.

Nimble, which is delivered as a service, costs $15 per user per month.


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