Nine iPhones sold every second

Thats over 37,000 metric tons of iPhones sold during the quarter, the equivalent of about 750 modern battle tanks.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Contributing Writer

Apple just posted a record quarter, pulling in a net profit of $18 billion on $74.6 billion of revenue. And driving a huge chunk of that is a single product line - the iPhone.

Apple sold 74,468,000 iPhones over the three months ending December 27 2014. That's such a huge number that it's hard to wrap you head around it, so let's break it down a few different ways.

Over the 91 days that works out at 818,329 iPhones a day, or 34,097 every hour, or 568 every minute.

That works out at more than nine iPhones sold a second, for every second for the 91-day period.

And each of those iPhones sold for an average of $687.

Assuming that each boxed iPhone weighs 500g, give or take, that's over 37,000 metric tons of iPhones, the equivalent of about 750 modern battle tanks.

That's a lot of product to shift in three months.

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