Nintendo announces redesigned Wii, strips console of Gamecube support

Nintendo is phasing out the old Wii design in favor of a slimmer, non-Gamecube-compatible version.

WIth the aging Wii slowly making its way towards the gadget graveyard, Nintendo is doing all it can to breathe life into the dying console.

Its latest effort is a redesign of the Wii itself. Nintendo has slimmed down the console slightly and designed it to sit flat, eschewing the vertical cradle that comes with the console currently.

With the changes, however, come two losses: the retooled Wii is losing both the ability to play Gamecube games and use Gamecube controllers. Those things, of course, are likely only a big deal to a small contingent of gamers, all of which probably already own a Wii anyway. So not the biggest losses, all told.

Right now the device is only announced for Europe, but it would be safe to assume that the U.S. and Japan would see the redesign as well. There is also no word on price point.

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