Nintendo's Wii 2 to have touchscreen controller after all, says Nikkei

A report from Japanese news organization Nikkei says that Nintendo's next console will come with a touchscreen-enabled controller. Did they get it right?

Of the countless rumors surrounding Nintendo's next console, few have attracted the same amount of attention as the possibility of the console's controller housing a touchscreen. Rumors, of course, are rumors, and Nintendo hasn't said a single thing about the Wii 2 (or whatever they plan to call it) besides confirming it exists.

Japanese news organization Nikkei, however, may have accidentally leaked Nintendo's news for them. A report from the organization this weekend confirms that the Wii's successor will indeed have a touchscreen. Normally, a confirmation outside of an official one would be considered bunk, but this bit of news means something considering that it comes from Nikkei itself.

The report says that the controller's built-in touchscreen will be six inches and that the controller itself will come with its own battery and a camera. Nintendo plans to release the console mid-2012, the report says.

Is Nikkei on the ball here? It's a bit too early to say. Luckily, Nintendo's official announcement comes Tuesday, so it won't be long until we find out.

[Nikkei, via VGChartz]


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