Nissan Leaf surpasses Chevy Volt in November sales

Nissan's plug-in sold more than GM's model for the first time since January 2012.

The competition is heating up between the two oldest (if we can call them that) EVs on the market: the Nissan Leaf and the Chevy Volt.

Ever since February 2012, the Volt has consistently outsold the Leaf, but in November, Nissan sold 1,539 of its EV, while GM sold only 1,519 Volts. The Detroit automaker showed year-on-year gains, up from 1,139 units sold in November 2011, but last month's number was markedly down from October's 2,961 Volts sold.

The Nissan Leaf also saw a small drop in sales compared to 1,579 units sold in November - but it showed significant improvement over its numbers from November 2011, when it sold only 672 units.

The Leaf and the Volt are hardly the only plug-in options out there, in what is becoming an increasingly competitive market, but as the two oldest plug-in models,  their sales numbers are an interesting indication of how the market for EVs is developing.

Photos: Nissan, GM

via [Autoblog Green]

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