Nissan's semi-autonomous Leaf cleared for testing in Japan

Nissan takes another step toward its driverless dreams.

Nissan has ambitions of bringing a fully driverless car to the market by 2020 . But before we get too ahead of ourselves it needs go through some beta testing.

And it just clear another hurdle to making that happen: it's semi-autonomous Leaf now has a Japanese license plate. That means it's the first vehicle with an "advanced driver assist system" to be cleared for testing on public roads in Japan.

Here's a rundown of the car's semi-autonomous functions:

  • Lane keeping
  • Automatic Exit
  • Automatic lane change
  • Automatic overtaking slower or stopped vehicles
  • Automatic deceleration behind congestion on freeways
  • Automatic stopping at red lights

"The realization of the Autonomous Drive system is one of our greatest goals, because Zero Fatalities stands alongside Zero Emissions as major objective of Nissan's R&D," said Mitsuhiko Yamashita, Nissan Executive VP for Research and Development. "Through public road testing, we will further develop the safety, efficiency and reliability of our technology."

Have a look:

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