Nlyte blueprints the datacenter

Nlyte's Smart Blueprint technology allows users to capture and distribute the details of their data center's physical infrastructure


With the introduction of their Smart Blueprint technology, Nlyte Software allows users to capture, store and share the details of existing layouts of their managed datacenter at any level of granularity. This technology provides another reason for datacenters to turn to DCIM solutions as the central component of their datacenter operations.

While the creation of templates based on existing infrastructure designs isn’t new, Nlyte believes that the ability to capture the design information at any level is a first for the market. They expect the concept to make replicating established designs simpler as well as provide the basis for design optimization without making physical changes to the datacenter.

Smart Blueprints can be used to capture design information from a single chassis or an entire completed datacenter container or module. The captured information includes the configuration of the target, materials included, and connectivity of the targeted selection. It also provides a three-dimensional visual representation of the captured design.

Users will also be able to capture designs based on functionality. For example, mail services and their components may exist as several racks in different locations in the physical datacenter. Smart Blueprints allows the user to capture all of the rack that make up this services and view, store, and replicate this information as a discrete design, concatenating the information into a design for the businesses datacenter mail service infrastructure that can be replicated from the stored blueprint.

The Smart Blueprint technology has been slipstreamed into the current version of Nlyte’s DCIM solution and is available to current customers as they upgrade to the latest versions of the software.