No Moore's Law of training

My other Corante blog is called Mooreslore.Its original charge is "the pace of change.

My other Corante blog is called Mooreslore.

Its original charge is "the pace of change." It's a play on Moore's Law, the idea that things get faster-and-faster, faster-and-faster.

Over the years I've found a Moore's Law application in fiber, in storage, even in radios. But I've never found one for software, nor for training.

So while I'm thankful this Thanksgiving for the blessings of open source, I think it's also vital today to counsel patience among its advocates.

The speed with which open source advances seems slow for those accustomed to rapid changes in hardware. But it's going as rapidly as software can be updated. Open source accelerates this change a bit by putting more people on the case, but just a bit. It's also moving forward as rapidly as people and companies can learn to get value from it.

There's no Moore's Law of Training.