No new E Ink displays for Kindle until 2012

Tablets like Amazon's Kindle won't be getting improved monochrome displays from E Ink until 2012, says E Ink marketing executive Sri Peruvemba.

Pearl, the e-ink display featured in devices like the Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader and Kobo eReader, won't be seeing a sucessor any time soon, according to  E Ink marketing vice president Sri Peruvemba.

Speaking to Cnet, Peruvemba says that the e-ink technology cycle runs every two years, meaning that Pearl, which was released last year, won't be going anywhere in 2011. Peruvemba, however, did say that the current generation of displays would get faster, offering quicker refresh rates as they transition between pages.

The news comes amidst rumors that Amazon is preparing to release an e-ink equipped tablet before the end of the year. Peruvemba wasn't able to comment on Amazon's release schedule, but according to DigiTimes, E Ink will provide the device's touch screen. During his visit with Cnet, Peruvemba also demonstrated the prototype of the Triton color ePaper, which could make its way to Amazon's unannounced tablet.