No, the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 does not run Windows

A special offer is on the Lenovo online store that shows the Yoga Tablet 8 running Windows. That is a mistake.

Yoga Tablet 8 Windows
Yoga Tablet 8 running Windows Image: Lenovo

An eagle-eyed Twitter user (@clydeugene) reached out to me today about an offer by Lenovo. This offer is for a reduced rate on the Yoga Tablet 8 when a laptop is also purchased.

I was impressed by the Yoga Tablet 8 when I reviewed it, even down to the customized version of Android onboard.

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The ad that was pointed out seemed to be for something new as it showed the Yoga Tablet 8 clearly running Windows 8. That would be an interesting product as the Yoga Tablet 8 would make a fine Windows tablet in my opinion.

In spite of the clear ad (image to the right), Lenovo has informed me that this depiction of the Yoga Tablet 8 running Windows is a mistake on its part. It still only runs Android and that's not likely to change.

The erroneous ad is still online as of the time of this writing but will likely be gone soon now that we've pointed out the error to Lenovo.