Nokia 770 Internet Tablet gets 2006 OS software update

Nokia's Linux-based mobile device gets an important software update that adds VoIP support and new large format on-screen keyboard. Is there a market for the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet and how does it compete with the UMPC devices?

The Nokia 770 Internet Tablet is a device that I seriously considered purchasing before I bought my Samsung Q1 UMPC. It is primarily designed as a device for providing you mobile internet access via WiFi or Bluetooth and Nokia just made it even more powerful with their 2006 OS update that adds Google Talk VoIP and messaging support. The update also includes a new full-screen keyboard for easier text entry. Full retail price of the Internet Tablet is only US$359.99, which seems to be a great deal considering all the features that it has along with the open source Linux support.

nokia n770.gif 

I have been using the Samsung Q1 UMPC for email, internet access, multimedia functions (movie watching and podcast listening), Office document creation and editing, MindManager mapping, GPS navigation, and Skype calls. The Nokia 770 can perform many of these same tasks, but it does lack sizable storage with only 128MB flash and an external RS-MMC slot (only cards with 1GB capacity are currently available). This limits the multimedia and GPS navigation functionality. I think the 770 makes an excellent email and internet browsing device, but I don't think it can replace the UMPC at this time. Do you think the 770 can be used instead of an UMPC priced at 3 times the amount?


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