Nokia Australia stung by hoax recall

Phone giant Nokia has been hit by a false recall campaign in Australia.

SYDNEY (ZDNet Australia)-- Phone giant Nokia has been hit by a false recall campaign.

"We are aware that a false press statement has been circulated to the Australian media today announcing the recall of the Nokia 8210 and Nokia 8250 mobile phones," Nokia Australia corporate affairs manager, Anthony Wilson said.

"This statement was not distributed by Nokia and is completely untrue. Nokia is currently investigating the source of these false allegations."

Wilson says the alarm was raised this morning when a journalist, responding to the recall notice, rang the company for more information.

"A fax was sent out this morning with the Nokia logo on it. But it was not our corporate layout," Wilson told ZDNet.

"It said the recall was taking place due to reception problems."

Nokia does not know how many of the false recall notices were distributed.

Police have not been involved at this stage. The matter is currently with Nokia's legal advisors.