Nokia cancels N9-00 MeeGo phone before even launching

Well, that was fast. Nokia has reportedly killed the N9-00 MeeGo phone before it could even get off the ground.

Well, that was fast. Nokia has reportedly killed the N9-00 MeeGo phone before most people even knew it existed.

According to Reuters, "two industry sources close to the company said" that Nokia stopped "development of its first smartphone using its new MeeGo operating system before it was ever launched." And that's that. Nothing more concrete was offered, but perhaps Nokia realized that the platform just couldn't compete with Google's Android and Apple's iOS. The Finnish company is going to have to pull a Microsoft and grab a WP7 out of its hat.

Now if Nokia could only get the e7 smartphone shipping worldwide like it should have been by now (OK, at least it's available in Europe), things would be running much smoother for the Helsinki-based phone maker.

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