Nokia changes date and scale of Nokia World

Nokia announced they are changing the focus of Nokia World this year and targeting their operator and retail partners with other smaller events being planned for other audiences.

You may be getting tired of reading Windows Phone related posts here on my blog and I'll try to get some Android and iOS coverage up soon too, but had to post a couple more quick thoughts on Nokia. Nokia just announced they are changing up the focus and scale of Nokia World this year while adding other smaller events and my Nokia Lumia 900 home screen article was posted on Nokia Conversations.

Change in Nokia World

I attended Nokia World in London last year and would love to cover the event again, especially with Windows Phone being their main smartphone OS. Heidi just posted that Nokia changed the format and date for Nokia World this year. Instead of a large scale event with thousands of attendees, Nokia is making Nokia World a bit more focused with attention on operator and retail partners for this first event. It has been moved up to 5-6 September instead of the previously announced 25-26 September, still being held in Helsinki, Finland.

They also plan to hold smaller, more intimate events this year (no announcements yet). Nokia stated rather than having Nokia World be a CES-like event it will be more like a SXSW event. I look forward to hearing more about the agenda and what is planned for this event. It seems like having a focused event is better for Nokia, but then again Nokia World generated quite a bit of excitement across the broad scale so I am not sure if this is an indication of tough times at Nokia or a way to be more efficient.

My Lumia 900 home screen

I enjoy reading articles where people tell us about what they use on a daily basis and how they use the technology. I usually find a new app, utility, or functionality that I can apply to my usage and hope that you find something interesting from my experiences. I was happy to provide Jason Harris with thoughts on what I have on my first two Windows Phone home screens. I listed the first 16 tiles on my Start screen along with some quick thoughts on how I use these tiles. What do you have on your Start screen?

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