Nokia delays rumoured 'Bandit' phablet launch event

Nokia has reportedly postponed an event thought to be the release of either a tablet or its six-inch phablet.

Nokia fans hoping to see a six-inch smartphone from the company may have to wait a few more weeks.

A Nokia event set to be hosted in New York later this month has been postponed for a few weeks, according to a Reuters report citing sources familiar with its plans. Reuters said that Nokia was set to launch its long-rumoured six-inch display phablet , codenamed Bandit, at the event.

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Nokia preparing to launch a phablet of Galaxy Note proportions? Nokia preparing to launch a phablet of Galaxy Note proportions? Nokia may soon join the mobile industry's trend towards launching awkward mobile-tablet hybrids.

ZDNet has sought confirmation from Nokia that the September event has been delayed and will update the story if it receives one.

The September event would have been Nokia's first major product launch since Microsoft announced its plans to acquire Nokia's devices and services business , which could help the companies avoid duplication of marketing around Windows Phone.

Also, Nokia's phablet was just one of two new products thought to be candidates for the event — the other being Nokia's 'Sirius' 10.1-inch Windows RT tablet , which could have clashed with Microsoft's own plans for its next-generation Surface tablets .

News of Nokia postponing its 26 September event follows Microsoft sending out press invites last week for the launch of its second generation Surface Pro tablets at a New York event set for 23 September. Nokia, on the other hand, has not sent out press invites for its event.

ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley reported in August that a November launch for the phablet would make more sense if it's meant to be running Windows Phone 8 GDR3, which is still in testing.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is expected to unveil an Intel Haswell-based Surface 2 Pro and a Tegra-based Surface 2, meant to replace the original Surface RT .

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