Nokia developers can map Qt apps to Windows Phone

Nokia will soon be launching Windows Phone Mango devices and in a recent post on the Microsoft developer blog the team provides resources for getting apps into Windows Phone Marketplace.

One concern I had with the Nokia adoption of Windows Phone was concerning developers and where they would focus their efforts. I personally thought of learning Qt so I could write apps for Nokia devices back when Nokia Symbian was popular, but the Nokia Windows Phone announcement killed off that idea. We now see that Microsoft built a package to help developers map Qt to Windows Phone. This may inspire developers to actively support one of the fastest growing platforms ever as we see Windows Phone passing 30,000 apps.

The package from Microsoft contains:

  • The “Windows Phone Guide for Symbian Qt Application Developers” white paper,
  • The addition of Symbian Qt to the Windows Phone API mapping tool
  • The “Nokia Windows Phone Training” roadshow, a series of developer events starting today in Paris

There are a few white papers available now and with Mango launching soon, including Nokia Windows Phone devices, it is an exciting time for both developers and consumers.