Nokia launches multi-user mobile chat service

Why bother speaking into your phone when you can use it to sent text messages to all your mates?

SMS messaging has taken a leap forward into group instant messaging, with a new service launched by Nokia Friday.

The Finnish mobile phone manufacturer has announced Nokia FriendsTalk, a mobile chat application that will allow users to take part in interactive online discussions. The service is very similar to desktop instant messaging, and uses enhanced SMS to let users exchange messages. Depending on the network your friends use, you'll be able to chat to them simultaneously by creating a group conference.

To take advantage of FriendsTalk, you'll need to invest in the Nokia 3310 handset, as it's the only mobile phone that actually supports Nokia's new service. Read our Nugget for full details of the 3310.

According to the latest figures, about eight billion SMS messages are sent globally each month, and Nokia believes that mobile text chatting will become a similarly popular application.

Take me to the Nokia 3310 Nugget.

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