Nokia Lumia 928 revealed; here's how it stacks up to the Lumia 920

It was no secret that Nokia was going to release the 928 for Verizon, given that we've seen billboards, magazine ads, and videos all week. The 928 won't have the rumored metal body, but xenon flash is there, along with other great features from the 920.

ZDNet's Ben Woods posted the official announcement of the Nokia Lumia 928 coming to Verizon, but as a current Lumia 920 owner and also a Verizon customer, I wanted to look into it a bit more and compare the two to see if the 928 is something I should pick up next week.

Nokia Lumia 928 revealed; no metal body, but xenon flash is there
Image: Nokia

What's the same between the 920 and 928?

Looking at what the folks at Nokia Conversations wrote about the Lumia 928, we can see that the Lumia 920 and 928 share the following:

  • 4.5-inch display size (type is different)

  • 8.7-megapixel PureView camera with Carl Zeiss optics

  • Optical image stabilization (OIS)

  • Qi wireless charging capability

  • Same 2,000mAh battery

  • 1GB of RAM

  • 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor

  • 32GB of internal storage.

What's different about the 920 and 928?

While most things are the same, there are a couple of differences that will appeal to media creation folks. These include:

  • OLED display, rather than LCD IPS one as seen on the 920

  • Xenon flash: This is a big deal for indoor photography, but with advanced low-light camera, I am very curious how much better it will make the indoor camera experience

  • Three microphones that record in stereo for better audio recording: The Lumia 920 reportedly has three mics, but records in mono.

The price is just $99.99 with a two-year contract and $50 mail-in rebate. I have a grandfathered unlimited data plan on Verizon, and currently use an iPhone 5. I haven't yet found out what the full price for the 928 is, and am not sure getting a xenon flash and more mics will be worth the $550+ price. I do hope to try out the Lumia 928 at CTIA in a couple of weeks, though.

Update: I confirmed with Verizon that the full price of the Lumia 928 is just $499.99. That is a great deal for a full-featured smartphone with these specs, and after testing it out, it may just be my next Verizon smartphone. To help lessen the upfront cost, ZDNet reader Scott reminded me about the new Verizon device payment program.

There is a Nokia event in London next week, and there is speculation that this may be a global version of the 928, a Lumia with metal body, or a Lumia with a camera even more powerful along the lines of the Nokia PureView 808. We'll have to wait and see.

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