Nokia, Microsoft, Apple’s 30th, and video game fanboys (MobileTechRoundup show #Pi)

Kevin and I had lots of fun chatting about mobile tech and then talking a bit about growing up with gaming consoles and Macs since the mobile news has been a bit light lately.

Youngsters may not understand everything Kevin and I talked about in MobileTechRoundup show #314, but others may enjoy the walk down memory lane. Show topics include:

Image: ZDNet
  • Surface Pro 2 faulty firmware fix is rolling out, but Kevin’s still returning his.
  • Microsoft and Nokia financials: Surface success and Lumia failures.
  • Nokia Normandy makes sense as an Asha replacement.
  • Firefox OS coming to a tablet. Does it matter?
  • Kevin has resurrected his Nexus One with Android 4.4.2!
  • Google Play Movies / TV Shows on iOS – just a pretty face on the YouTube trick.
  • Beats launches another streaming music service.
  • Mac's 30th birthday: What was your first one?

Running time: 68 minutes

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