Nokia N9 1.2 update makes MeeGo even better (screenshot gallery)

The Nokia N9 is one of the best smartphones available, but the general public knows little about this MeeGo sporting device. This latest update improves an already great operating system.

I saw Tweets that the PR 1.2 update for the Nokia N9 was rolling out yesterday and as soon as I connected with my home WiFi signal I saw it appear on my cyan N9. I think the "too little too late" headlines for this update are silly since the entire N9 is too late given that Nokia's leadership essentially killed it right after launch. One reason I purchased my Nokia N9 at Nokia World last fall was because I saw that Nokia was showing off the 1.1 update and I had confidence they would continue to update and support this unique operating system and device. You can check out several screenshots of this update in action on my Nokia N9 in this image gallery.

Image Gallery: Check out some screenshots of the MeeGo 1.2 update on my Nokia N9.
Image Gallery: Update details
Image Gallery: Reorganized home screen

The PR 1.2 update, version 30.2012.07-1 on my N9, comes in at 283.1 MB and can be downloaded and installed wirelessly with no connection to a PC. Nokia states it could take up to 40 minutes to install, but mine only took about 15. The release notes and some experiences included in this update are:
  • Support for folders on the center/home screen: You need to manually create a folder, but then can drag and drop shortcuts into the folder and the first four appear on the folder thumbnail image.
  • New features for the Camera and Gallery apps: Camera updates include enable/disable flash icon with red eye, flash on for video recording, and new video filters. Gallery updates include face tagging and face recognition, along with video editing similar to what you see on the iPhone.
  • Bigger keys on Swype keyboard (MUCH appreciated)
  • Integrated account support for Dropbox: You can now share files to Dropbox, similar to how you see share used in Android.
  • Music player supports playlist creation
  • Threaded email option (another MAJOR improvement for me): This is toggled in the settings and not from within the email application.
  • Browser improvements: History appears below the top sites section, copy and paste is now supported within the browser, and you can save passwords.
  • DLNA support: Sorry, I don't have anything to test it.
  • Compass support in Maps
  • Calendar icon shows real day of the month now
  • Slightly larger fonts

There is talk in the forums that support for video calling with the front facing camera was also added, but it seems you need a 3rd party client that supports this as Skype video calling is still not yet supported.

There are many, many more improvements and the most comprehensive list I could find is on the website so check it out for all the details. So far, my favorite aspects of this update are the folders, larger SWYPE keyboard, and improved camera functions.

I am very tempted to pick up a white Nokia N9 in 64GB since I really do like the device and think my 16GB will not be adequate over the long run.

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