Nokia offers low cost Nokia Music+ subscription service for Lumia owners

Nokia Music is a free service for Lumia owners and today Nokia announced an upgrade option for those looking for something more from the service. The service is about half the cost of other subscription music services and looks like a great value.

Nokia offers low cost Nokia Music+ subscription service for Lumia owners

I own red and yellow Nokia Lumia 920s and find the Lumia the most compelling Windows Phone due in large part to their Nokia exclusives . I am a fan of their free Nokia Music service and saw the announcement today that you can now get more out of the service with Nokia Music+ for just €3.99 per month.

While Nokia has opened up Nokia Drive to other manufacturers it looks like Nokia Music is still a Lumia-only service. Most music subscription services charge €9.99 per month so this looks to be a great deal. I am not sure what the US fee will be since other services are $9.99 and Nokia Music+ may be $3.99 or the equivalent $5+ to match the exchange rate.

According to Nokia, here is what this small monthly fee gets you:

  • Unlimited skips: Whether you like to skip from track to track, or just want extra control over what you hear. There’s no stopping you with Nokia Music+.
  • Unlimited downloads: The free service allows you to download up to four Mixes (each of which contains hours of music) and play them without an Internet connection. The paid service removes this limit – you can download a massive supply of offline music you can swap as you wish.
  • Higher quality: We were surprised by the high quality of streaming music from Nokia Music, even over a 2.5G connection. Nokia Music+ allows you to download music at eight times the existing quality. Plus, you can set rules to only download high quality when you’re on WiFi, for example.
  • Lyrics: Words to the songs you’re listening to, right on your Nokia Lumia. Either in a scrolling list, Karaoke-style format, or a display you can scroll up and down.
  • On your desktop: The Nokia Music+ subscription also gives you access to the service without your phone. A web-app gives you the ability to play Mixes on your computer, smart TV or other connected screens.

The service should roll out in the next few weeks when we will know for sure what the pricing is. As you can see, this is yet another reason to seriously consider the Nokia Lumia line of Windows Phone devices.

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