Nokia pulls Symbian from North America: Sales indicate no one cares

Nokia is pulling its Symbian from North America and judging from the sales figures few will notice or care.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor on

Nokia is pulling its Symbian from North America and you'll be lucky if a dozen people notice.

AllThingsD's Ina Fried reported that Nokia will stop selling Symbian feature and smart devices in North America. Nokia is betting on Windows Phone 7.

On the surface, Nokia's move sounds like a big deal. The numbers, however, indicate that Symbian's retreat from North America may be the biggest afterthought going in the tech market. How so?

If you didn't follow Nokia day-to-day you would swear that North America was already a Symbian-free zone. Judging from Nokia's U.S. presence---or lack of it---there may be a few people in Canada that give a hoot.

So far in 2011, Nokia has only moved 2.7 million units in North America.

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