Nokia Q2: By the numbers

Nokia's second-quarter was bad. Let's not deny that. But the results were mixed, and on the whole not as bad as expected. Here are the numbers you need to know.

Nokia's second-quarter results are pretty dire. Having said that, there are some streams of rainbows forming out of the smoldering heap of the former phone giant.

  • Nokia saw a Q2 net loss of €1.41 billion ($1.74bn) -- four times greater than a year ago;
  • Net sales on devices are down by 26 percent on Q2 2011, compared to 5 percent on Q1 2012
  • Smartphones sales dropped by 34 percent on Q2 2011;
  • Its current net cash position stands at €4.2 billion ($5.17bn) --- down from €4.8 billion ($5.9bn) in Q1. 

In terms of smart devices, Nokia says the picture looks bleak year-on-year, partially due to a falling number in Symbian devices. Nokia says this was partially offset by sales of Lumia devices.

  • Nokia shipped 4 million Lumia smartphones in Q2, falling in line with estimates.
  • Overall, Nokia sold 10.2 million 'smart' devices -- including Symbian, MeeGo, and Windows Phone, down from 16.7 million in the last quarter;
  • Mobile phone volumes have increased quarter-on-quarter and year-on-year to 73 million units;
  • $49.99 is the current price of the Lumia handset in U.S. AT&T stores following a price reduction;
  • Its patent portfolio is worth around $6 billion.

Breaking down the figures by region, Nokia only sold 600,000 mobile devices in the United States, while Asia-Pacific took the geographic crown with more than 28.6 million devices sold. 

Despite Nokia's decline in the past quarter, its shares rose on the news. Here's what Nokia looks like at the moment:

  • Nokia's share price is up more than 10 percent on NYSE pre-market trading;
  • Nokia's market cap stands at $6.48 billion, around 50 times less than its peak in 2000;
  • Nokia shares have dropped 84 percent since unveiling its Windows phones strategy;
  • 10,000 employees lost in the past quarter, set to leave by the end of this year.