Nokia removes HERE Maps from Apple App Store

There are plenty of GPS navigation options on iOS, but there is one less today as Nokia decided not to continue development for iOS 7.

Nokia removes HERE Maps from Apple App Store

Last year when Apple released Maps for iOS 6 there was quite a controversy online about the poor performance. Map service providers quickly jumped in and offered solid alternatives .

One of these providers was Nokia with their HERE Maps . This morning Engadget reported that Nokia pulled HERE Maps from the Apple App Store because "iOS 7 harms the user experience."

While I use HERE Maps on my Lumia Windows Phone devices, I don't have it installed on my iOS devices and thus am not sure what the experience was like with it on iOS 7. One benefit of using HERE Maps on iOS was the ability to download maps for offline usage.

Nokia stated you can still go to and use their mobile web version. If the experience with iOS 7 is broken then you would think Nokia would update their HERE Maps software and optimize it for iOS 7. Then again, if no one is using HERE Maps on their iPhone then it doesn't make sense for Nokia to waste any more resources developing for the iOS platform.

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