Nokia Siemens Networks makes 4G LTE infrastructure market gains

Nokia may be failing at smartphones, but its sister company Nokia Siemens Networks is doing relatively well at 4G LTE infrastructure.

Nokia Siemens makes gains in shrinking 4G LTE infrastructure market

Most of the news about Nokia, the smartphone company, is bad . Nokia Siemens Network  (NSN), the mobile broadband company, however, has some relatively good news

According to a report from the telecom analyst company, the  Dell’Oro Group, NSN's third quarter of 2012 saw NSN claiming the second largest share of the LTE mobile radio access network (RAN) market by revenue. For NSN, that represents a gain of over 21% marketshare over the last 12 months.

In particular, "Dell’Oro reported that in the Asia Pacific region Nokia Siemens Networks led the LTE RAN market. The Asia Pacific region is reported as the the biggest by revenue with 41% of the total LTE RAN revenue, overtaking North America for the first time."

At the same time, NSN is gaining rapidly on market competitors Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson and Huawe. Of course, Huawe has its own market problems with accusations that it's been working hand-in-glove with the Chinese government .

It's not all good news for NSN though. Dell'Oro also noted that the telecomm carriers are spending less and demanding lower prices for 4G LTE equipment. Thus. as a whole the LTE RAN market has shrunk by 11% even as user demand for 4G networking increases.

NSN has always had to abandon its unprofitable wired and WiMAX network efforts. As a result, the company laid off one in seven employees earlier this year. By 2013, NSN may lay off as much as a quarter of its 2011 workforce.

Still, while the overall market may be shrinking and NSN is still not healthy, at least this is one market where a branch of Nokia is gaining rather than losing market share. It may not be much of a win, but it's still more of a win than the company is seeing elsewhere.

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