Nokia Windows RT tablet will include keyboard cover with built-in battery

The cell phone giant will offer a case that goes one better than Microsoft's own Type Cover for its Surface tablet.


There have been recent rumors about Nokia extending its Windows-based product line by jumping into tablets , and The Verge now claims to have more information about the Finnish phone giant's forthcoming Windows RT slate.

Like Microsoft's Surface model, the Nokia Windows RT tablet will feature a 10.1-inch screen and run on an ARM chip.  One notable difference, though, is that the Nokia tablet will have a cellular networking option, with AT&T set to offer it in the U.S.

Nokia is also going to try to up the ante on the Surface with its cover. Its Windows RT tablet will also offer a cover with a keyboard included, but unlike the Surface's Type Cover, it will additionally include a built-in battery to extend your time away from a power outlet. It will have a kickstand, too, but the Surface already has one built into its hardware.

Of course, how Nokia plans to price its Windows RT tablet (and its cover) may be as important as any specs it has. We may find out as soon as February, when Nokia may announce its intentions at the Mobile World Congress event.