Nokia X Great Debate: I still don't think Android is worth the effort

Nokia could have gone with Android a couple of years ago and had the leading Android camera phone line and maybe even leading smartphone brand today, but rolling out a Kindlefied version on low end hardware isn't a recipe for success.

Nokia X Great Debate: I lost, but still think Android is not the way to go at this time
Image: Nokia

I have never been pleased with low end Android devices, even with support for all of the Google services, but ZDNet's Great Debate moderator Larry Dignan and the masses think Nokia and Microsoft made the right decision going with a customized Android experience. I lost this week's ZDNet Great Debate , but even with Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols' strong arguments I remain unconvinced it is the right thing to do at this time.

Android would have been a great choice for Nokia back when Stephen Elop took over and they decided to drop Symbian and MeeGo support. While there were a lot of manufacturers making Android smartphones, Nokia could have come in and blew even Samsung away with fantastic high end Android camera phones. I like what they have done with Windows Phone, but growth and sales have been limited by Microsoft and like HTC in the past with Windows Mobile there is only so much a manufacturer can do.

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That was a couple of years ago and now they are launching the Amazon Kindle version of an Android device that is heavily focused on Nokia and Microsoft services with an older version of Android on devices with lower end specs. As I said in my arguments of the debate, I foresee Microsoft killing this off in a few months to focus on Windows Phone. Shoot, with Windows Phone devices priced less than $75 with no contract, how much lower can an Android Nokia X be priced?